The FAST Tax

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Economic Stability

Economic Equality

Trust The System

Strong Nato Alliance

National and Personal Security

Eliminate National Debt

Use our FAST TAX CALCULATOR.  Compare the FAST Tax with the current, unfair, tax code and see how it will affect your bottom line.
The National-Debt Albatross
FACT: as a consequence of obvious greed and fiscally-irresponsible tax-cutting policies, the government of the wealthiest nation in the world has been saddled with a walloping, skyrocketing, national debt.  Click to see today's multi-trillion-dollar debt!

Why Our Rising National Debt Matters

With retirement and healthcare programs growing at a faster pace than tax revenues, our fiscal outlook is unsustainable — and that will affect our economy. Action Americana
Who pays the national debt interest?  The tax-payers!  From the tax revenue collected every year, the U.S. government must allocate billions of dollars to pay the interest.
How better-off would all Americans be if billions of dollars spent to pay debt-interest were spent to serve our nation instead?
More Taxpayer Pain
After 2018, various tax deductions, which were generally beneficial to the American bread-winner, were suddenly eliminated to "simplify" the tax code.  For example:
  • Moving expenses. You can no longer deduct moving expenses when you relocate for a job or for self-employment
  • Home equity loan interest
  • Personal exemptions
  • Deductions for state and local taxes
  • Miscellaneous Itemized Deductions, uniforms, etc.
  • Casualty and theft losses
  • Alimony payments
Simplicity Is Good
Simplicity is good for everyone!  But the solution must be fair.   It cannot benefit the wealthy at the expense of the worker!
FAST is an available, simplified, fair permanent, codified plan:
  • With FAST, everyone pays his or her fair share
  • FAST is not skewed to benefit wealthy campaign donors
  • FAST keeps the politicians' hands off of the tax code
  • FAST gradually pays off the national debt
Our FAST Tax Solution
Instead of simply raising or lowering tax rates, which can be undone by fiscally-irresponsible politicians to satisfy their wealthy campaign donors, FAST is a plan designed to permanently:
  • ensure that everyone pays their own fair share
  • eliminate our country's obscene income inequality
  • eliminate all deductions, loopholes and special credits
  • lower tax rates for every taxpayer, including corporations
  • generate sufficient revenue to pay for all of our nation's needs, including funding the Earned Income Credit (EIC)
  • pay off the national debt and save American taxpayers $ Trillions in debt interest
  • simplify the process by eliminating tax returns for most taxpayers
  • pay off the national debt in less than 20 years
  • maintain our alliances, protect our allies and restore U.S. prestige and leadership around the world
*courtesy of Rational Americans
Some Don't Want To Pay Taxes
Some individuals and corporations either don't want to pay any taxes — or pay as little as possble!  Just mentioning taxes "turns off" many voters.
While some are concerned with their ability to spend their money only on themselves, others are only concerned with the burden that taxes pose to their ability to accumulate wealth.
Of course, those "turned-off" individuals don't mind enjoying the many "perks" and freedom our tax system provides them with.
The Tax-Rate Seesaw
Many shoot-from-the-hip pundits and politicians habitually insist that cutting tax rates is the best way to stimulate the economy and create jobs.
Conversely, others insist that raising tax rates on the wealthy is the best revenue-enhancing solution.  However, historically, these "solutions" have never worked!  Here's why:
Lower marginal tax rates (rates before deductions) without eliminating all deductions, loopholes and special credits decrease revenue and further increases the national debt — adding Billion$ in interest and making things even worse.
Higher marginal tax rates can be lowered again by the next administration and will be used by Republicans to label Democrats as fiscally-irresponsible, tax-and-spend Liberal/Socialists.
How FAST Works
FAST was designed to replace our rigged, unfair, elastic, corrupt tax-code which only a few can understand.  It is based on IRS statistics — not out-of-the-air voodoo statistics.
FAST is fair, simple and automatic.  It consists of 8 income brackets.
FAST lowers tax rates for individual taxpayers (2% to 20.5%) and corporations (6.5%).  NOTE: collectively, corporations usually pay less than 1% — some corporations pay 0%!
To pay for lower tax rates and pay off the national debt, however, FAST eliminates ALL deductions, loopholes and special credits, which are used by the wealthy and the corporations to avoid paying their fair share of taxes — the reason why our government is broke and in debt!
In addition, FAST includes a temporary Deficit Reduction Rate ("DRR") to gradually and painlessly pay off the debt in less than 20 years and automatically disappear when the debt is paid off.
Once FAST is enacted, self-serving politicians won't be able to rig the tax code to benefit their wealthy campaign donors at our expense.
Other FAST Benefits
Below are the "collateral" benefits that the codification of FAST will bring to all Americans, e.g.,
FAST simplifies tax-preparation for the self-employed as well.
FAST saves taxpayers hundreds of dollars on tax preparation fees by eliminating tax returns for the majority of the employed.
FAST saves the IRS $Billions every year by making the printing and mailing of millions of tax forms, envelopes and pamphlets unnecessary.
FAST will once again restore Americans' — and the free world's — trust and confidence in our economy.