Other Solutions
Codified Reforms would protect our Constitutional Democratic Republic and its institutions from self-serving politicians who seek to change our laws for their own and/or their campaign donors' benefit — or to remain in power!
Lobby Reform
"We have "the best government that money can buy." ~ Mark Twain

Our political system, which can only be construed as revolving-door politics, has been hijacked by special interests through the use of armies of lobbyists which are able to spend vast sums of money to buy influence from countless politicians and their staffs in order to protect their interests.

The Scam: Politicians and/or their staff members leave their positions and are hired by special-interest groups as lobbyists.  Then, using their connections, these "new lobbyists", are able to funnel money back to politicians and the cycle starts all over again.

To end this flagrant abuse and corruption, here is our suggested Permanent Lobby Reform, designed to end revolving-door politics in government:

  • All emoluments are prohibited and lobbying of elected officials shall be in writing and subject to public scrutiny.
  • No individual previously employed as a lobbyist shall be eligible to hold any type of public employment related to legislative, policy-making or political campaign activities
  • Government employees, including elected officials and their staffs, shall not be permitted to work as lobbyists, directly or indirectly, until a period of at least 10 years after leaving office or government employment shall have elapsed.
Voter Suppression
To make up for demographic trends which are thinning the ranks of their party, in order to stay in power, some state legislators in various states have been kicking voters off their voting rolls shamelessly, openly and often — illegally.  Not surprisingly, minority-voters and the elderly are the ones being supressed.

Using debunked voter-fraud claims as an excuse, along with countless unsavory methods and excuses, without fail, these legislators in these states have been disenfranchising voters by the thousands.  This is how they do it:

  • Slowing down the mail; removing mailboxes
  • Limiting early voting and polling places
  • Voter ID Laws
  • Voter Registration Restrictions
  • Voter Purges
  • Felony Disenfranchisement
  • Gerrymandering

Uniform National Voting Act

UNVA will ensure voter equality and participation during presidential and mid-term elections.  It will end Republican Voter Suppression Efforts Targeting Minorities in Georgia, Texas, North Dakota and elsewhere in the U.S.  The process:
  1. nationally, all campaign-related activities shall be uniformly executed, for example,
    • starting date, time and duration of activity
    • voter registration methods, e.g., automatic at age of 18, online, in person
    • voting methods, e.g., in person, early voting, vote-by-mail, absentee ballot, etc.
  2. Voter registration shall be up to 21st Century standards.  See Brennan Center For Justice Recommendations.
  3. Election Day shall be declared a national holiday and held on Sunday.
Tax-Return Disclosure
Countless questions and doubts have arisen about possible conflicts of interest and corruption at the highest levels of the U.S. Government.

Thus, any future candidate who wishes to run for any federal elective office must be subject to the following without excuses:

Immediately upon registration to run for any federal office and before beginning any political campaign activity, including fundraising, candidates shall unconditionally and mandatorily release complete federal tax returns for the previous 5 years, whether or not said tax returns are subject to the IRS audit process.
Blind Trust Compliance
To protect our democracy and avoid conflicts of interest and corruption at the highest levels of government, the following rules must be adopted and strictly-enforced:
  1. No later than fifteen (15) days after winning nomination, candidates shall either:
    1. place all business holdings and interests in a "blind trust" OR
    2. fully divest from any and all business holdings and interests
  2. Any nominee who fails to initiate compliance, as outlined in Paragraph a, above, shall be automatically disqualified and office in question shall be awarded to the next "runner-up" candidate, provided said "runner-up" is able to fully comply with the aforementioned requirements.
When broadcast networks, or politicians, knowingly spread lieswhich they don't believe themselves — fully cognizant of the fact that their lies are likely to incite their audience to react beligerently toward others who oppose their views — or commit seditious acts against the government — they are blatantly committing FRAUD!
FRAUD Is Not Protected By The First Amendment!
This fraudulent, self-serving behavior displayed by news-broadcast stations, solely motivated by profits, was instrumental in stoking the flames of the January 6th Insurrection and incited attacks against private citizens, subtly targetted by its hosts.
Suggested Reforms
To stop the flagrant practice of using our Freedom-of-Speech rights to incite violent acts against our government or its citizens, the jurisdictional Department of Justice where FRAUD is committed should:
  • force single or broadcast-network host offenders to promptly admit their lies — publicly and personally
  • impose a high, pre-set, "Intentional-Fraud Fine" to all offenders