Action Americana
Action Americana
During World War II, Americans paid for their democratic values with their "blood, sweat and tears" — with valor, pride and patriotism!  In the U.S., Communism, Nazism, Fascism and all forms of tyranny were hated by the mayority.
Having taken democracy for granted since 1945, an alarming number of Americans are now very worried about its future existence — and our freedoms.  What is the cause of this doubt?  How can we, patriotic Americans, fight back?

Since June 21st, 1788
After the American Revolution, all the colonies still had a powerful, common enemy: England!  To repel the potential invader, all the colonies had to be united.  Hence, the birth of our nation and the oldest constitution in the world.
However, at that time, in order to have the U.S. Constitution ratified by all the colonies, some of the Founders had to make a great compromise:
Some "religious" slave owners were granted the right to own, subjugate and exploit others by dint of the supremacy which they believed their white skin color bestowed on them  — damn inalienable rights and human suffering!
Notwithstanding their cultural ethos or their seemingly innate, white supremacist beliefs, not surprisingly, profits also played an important part in the barbaric practice of slavery.
Of course, slavery was not unique to our budding nation.  This despicable, inhumane trade has been practiced around the world — including Africa! — from time immemorial.

Supremacist Beliefs
While a number of individuals are innately predisposed or acculturated to the practice of subjugating others, some are not!  The abolitionists who prevailed against the evils of slavery during the U.S Civil War have confirmed this.
Unfortunately, "supremacist beliefs" are still held by some groups throughout our nation.  The practice of slavery in our country has been supplanted by the unconstitutional practice of denying others their rights!

Nature Is In Charge
Generally, for one reason or another, it seems that only an honest, introspective, examination might be the only way to change the seemingly impregnable, supremacist mind!  The forces of nature are in control here!
With possible exceptions, the innate supremacist mindset seems impervious to any rational, well-meaning advice, even when it's offered by parents or siblings; malleable, this type of mindset is not!
In fact, no moral "advice", personal appeal or entreaty seems able to change the one-dimensional views of the innate supremacist mindsetnot even a constitutional amendment!
But all mindsets are not the same!  In order to "keep the peace", some open-minded individuals are predisposed to listen to others, even when expecting opinions that might differ from their own or may seem ridiculous.
Conversely, some individuals tend to listen unquestioningly to known, like-minded, individuals — some of whom are often uninformed and/or willing to deceive them in order to achieve their own, dangerous, self-serving, ends.
January 6th, 2021 is indisputable proof of the aforesaid.
"Choiceless" Conception
Human beings, are "choicelessly conceived".  They cannot choose their parents, race, gender, when or where they are born or the unique character traits which define them.
Indisputably, our species consists or all sorts of individuals with their own attitudes, points of view and so on.
Our seemingly innumerable "human traits", and the possible combinations and individual levels thereof, are unfathomable.  For example:
  1. some are born males – some are born females
  2. some are Caucasian – some are of other races
  3. some are generous – some are greedy
  4. some are empathetic – some are uncaring
  5. some are argumentative – some are agreeable
  6. some are caring and respectful – some are indifferent
  7. some are honest – some are dishonest
  8. some are amenable to advice – some are stubborn
  9. some are law-abiding – some are scofflaws
  10. some are trusting or gullible – some are suspicious
  11. some are truthful – some are untrustworthy
  12. some are leaders – some are followers

I Want To Be The Boss
The "I Want To Be The Boss" trait is perhaps the most egregious and dangerous of all.  Individuals who are acutely afflicted with this egregious trait are generally dismissive of all opposition.
This trait is especially dangerous when the demagogic, racist, dangerous, self-serving lies of politicians afflicted with it are believed by gullible admirers who are told what they want to hear, regardless of consequences!

Coexistence Is Imperative
Even when certain individuals or groups, often openly, are prone to threaten our human rights or our existence, we cannot permanently rid ourselves of them — and they cannot get rid of us!
They have constitutional rights.  Every American has constitutional rights!
Apparently, those of us who revere democracy must try to "find ways" to coexist among self-serving, "choicelessly conceived", individuals who feel threatened by other groups' demands and efforts to be treated equally, as Americans!
When the interests and unwarranted fears of the threatenedno matter how self-serving or unreasonable they might seem — are clearly understood and addressed, regardless of their obstinacy, perhaps "respectful coexistence" will be possible.
Solely considering and trying to advance our own interests, while disregarding others' interests — again, no matter how self-serving or unreasonable they might seem — can only cause those who disagree with us to pursue their own self-serving interests, sowing more distrust, fear and disunity!