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To generate the revenue needed to meet our country's needs, what is needed is not higher tax rates. Rather, what is needed is the elimination of all deductions, loopholes and special credits, which is what the Fair Automatic Simple Tax ("FAST") does.

Without money, a.k.a. revenue, no matter what the politicians promise, nothing gets done in America — nor anywhere else!  Our national security, our military, our crumbling infrastructure repair, our veterans' health, our social institutions, our healthcare and everything else that used to make America the envy of the world, depends on revenue; in other words, TAXES, pure and simple.

Unfortunately, through expansive use of deductions, loopholes and special credits provided by our rigged, corrupt, unfair and unfathomable tax code, certain wealthy individuals and corporations — the same groups who constantly decry high taxes and complain about the national debt — are able to substantially lower their Effective Tax Rates to the point that some corporations often pay less than 1% on Billions of income.  Need we ask why our country is drowning in a national debt now exceeding $21.5 Trillion?

How FAST Works

The FAST Video

Higher Versus Lower Taxes

The 2 most consequential numbers in a taxpayer's tax return are the following:
  1. The Marginal RateThe amount due before deductions
  2. The Effective Tax RateThe amount due after deductions - what we actually pay
Many politicians and tax payers believe that the best way to stimulate the economy, create jobs and generally improve the lives of all Americans, is by cutting tax rates.   Conversely, others believe that raising tax rates on the wealthy is the way to accomplish these worthy goals.  But, if we compare these two opposing views, we will discover that, given our current tax code, neither "solution" would achieve these desired goals.  Let us explain why:

The Problem With Lowering Marginal Tax Rates

Americans are currently saddled with an ever-growing, $20 Trillion national debt.  It is no secret that this horrendous debt has been caused by a rigged, corrupt, 75,000-plus-page tax code which is unable to raise the revenue necessary to pay for our government's needs because it has been rigged to reward wealthy political-campaign donors with hefty tax cuts at the expense of the majority of Americans.  As everybody knows, our government is broke and paying untold $Billions in interest — which would be better spent to benefit the American people — to foreign and domestic "lenders" who, in all likelihood, are also beneficiaries of our rigged tax system.

The bottom line: under our current tax code, lowering tax rates without eliminating all deductions, loopholes and special credits would be irresponsible and would, necessarily, further increase the national debt and make things worse for all Americans.

The Problem With Raising Marginal Tax Rates

As long as our tax code is rigged with Deductions, Loopholes and Special Credits designed to benefit wealthy campaign donors, raising taxes (marginal rates) will not change the status quo and only achieve the following:

How FAST Rates Are Generated

Calculate Your Own FAST Tax Rates

In order to provide you with real-time graphic proof as to how our FAST model will affect your bottom line, we have created a FAST Calculator where you can input your gross income figures and our calculator will calculate taxes due under FAST and under the current tax code — based on the standard deduction for a family of 4 — as well as the difference between these two rates.  To see how the FAST model affects your bottom line, click here to open the FAST Calculator.
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