Sedition In Our Midst
Some current members of congress are openly lying and plotting to overthrow the U.S. Government.  They are Seditionist FASCISTS who vociferously support Vladimir Putin's murderous attacks against Ukraine.

In addition, to buttress their support for the murderous Russian dictator, these FASCIST politicians are advocating against American support of Ukraine, which is having its own existential crisis — thanks to the Butcher of Moskow.

These uninformed Seditionists fail to realize that, if Putin is allowed to defeat Ukraine now, as Hitler did in the 1940s, the rest of Europe's nations will be in jeopardy.
Undoubtedly, Thousands of young Americans will have to go fight and lose their lives in Europe, as they did in WWII!

Priority #1
Americans' Priority #1 is to protect the imperiled existence of our Constitutional Democratic Republic and the U.S. Constitution, which protects our rights and freedom.

For that reason, regardless of party affiliation, Action Americana seeks to provide selfless, patriotic legislators with doable, permanent reforms acceptable to all reasonable, informed Americans.
Our proposed, Action Americana solutions, are especially designed to bring the divisiveness and inequality which some witting and unwitting suporters of FASCISM are trying to promote in our nation.
They are based on historical information from sources readily available online for which direct links are provided for the reader's own verification.

We Can't Do It Alone
Unfortunately, complaining, yelling at our TV, and just posting one's outrage on social media, etc., will not have changed anything at the end of our rage!
We have a much better idea: Help us protect our taken-for-granted freedoms by joining Action Americana and lending a helping hand to our imperiled, beleaguered democracy.
FASCISM In Germany 1920s - 1940s
What happened to Germany, Italy and Japan in the 1940s are examples of what will happen to the United States of America if FASCISTS, foreign and domestic, are allowed to achieve their self-serving ends.
This is what the German people did to themselves and their nation when FASCISTS ruled:
  1. 1929 – Great Depression Starts
    1. U.S. Stock Market crashes; millions lose jobs; major banks collapse.
  2. 1934 – Hitler becomes Germany's Führer (Leader).
    1. Other parties are intimidated and disband — dictatorship starts.
  3. 1936 – Hitler Violates 1919 Treaty of Versailles
    1. France and the Allies, including the U.S., do nothing!
  4. 1938 – Hitler annexes Austria and parts of Czechoslovakia.
    1. France and Allies, including the U.S., do nothing!
  5. 1939 – Hitler invades Poland.
    1. World War II begins.
  6. 1940 – Hitler invades other European countries.
    1. Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Denmark, Norway and France are invaded
  7. 1941 – Hitler invades Russia.
    1. Ignores 1939 “pact” signed with Russia.
  8. 1942 – The Holocaust begins!
    1. Millions of Jews and others are murdered.
  9. 1945 – Germany surrenders.
    1. Germans suffer unspeakable misery.
    2. German civilians dead: 350,000 to 500,000, Military dead: up to 2 million
    3. Germans often eat from garbage cans — when available.
    4. Russians occupy East Germany — revenge follows.
    5. Germany is divided: East (Russian) and West (Allies).
  10. 1945 – 40 to 50 million estimated dead during WWII.
    1. Americans dead: about ½ million!
The aforesaid is a grim example of the CATASTROPHIC END which would befall our democracy, were FASCISTS allowed to govern our country!
Americans have never lived under tyranny.  Only ignorant, self-serving FASCISTS could possibly conceive the idea of "trading" our Constitutional Democratic Republic for a, corrupt, autocratic form of government!