Action Americana
A New Approach
Mind your mouth!  Don't just address the issues that are important to you and your base.  Every American counts!
  • Keep in mind that voters, no matter what their party affiliation, have their own needs, points of view, prejudices, etc.
  • Remember that, no matter where you are, what you say is probably monitored and recorded by your opposition.
  • Careless comments will be used by your opponent as talking points, political ads, etc., whenever and wherever possible, to arouse his or her base.
Address those issues held in common by all of your constituents.
  • Be patient!  Leave the rest until implementation is possible.
  • Talk about national security!
  • Talk about fiscal responsibility!
  • Talk about the need to pay off the national debt!
  • Talk about generating revenue to run our government, not raising taxes!
  • Talk about fair taxation!
What Americans Want
Action Americana
To All Patriotic Candidates
Historically, like any other, our nation has had its problems.  However, FASCISM has never been one of them!
Apparently, saving our democracy must be at the forefront of all our efforts.  Our Constitution must be preserved at any cost.
No matter what party you belong to, think of your country!  Our patriotic duty is to save our democracy — American Fredom!  Period!