Email Blitz
Action Americana
The Purpose
Our Auto-Email Blitz automatically creates a fully-addressed, message-filled, email which contains the links to two of our rational solutions: FAST and the Presidential Vetting Quiz.
There isn't much to do.  One click, a few words, and you're done!  You can also send it to your contacts — all at the same time.   Just add their mail addresses to the "bcc" or the "To" line, and send.

Blitz These Media Icons!
Action Americana
These TV anchors have the audience and credibility to propagate any cause or issue which advances the interests of the American people.

Can you imagine what would happen if these patriots were to support our proposed reforms?

The Process
To simplify the process, we have designed an "email-creation process" which auto-inserts recipients' email addresses and the text necessary to create the body of the email.

Before sending the email:

  1. Replace [Your name] with your given name.
  2. Replace [Your city] with your own city and state.
  3. Using SEMICOLONS (";") to separate each email address, add the email address of any individual or candidate you wish.
  4. Optionally, to personalize your message (recommended), you may modify the body text provided or enter your own text.
  5. To ensure that the Blitz email is sent successfully, please add you own email address and check your inbox.

After following the foregoing directions:

  1. click Send Blitz Email button at bottom
  2. wait for your email app to open (automatically)
  3. send email

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