Judicial Reform
When a "Civil Officer of the United States" violates the law, including the president, his family, campaign operative, cabinet member, adviser, donor, etc., such Civil Officer must be promptly investigated and prosecuted — if necessary.
Unless some codified judicial reforms are SOON enacted, the foundation on which our democracy was erected — respect for the laws of our land — will crumble.  Avid supporters of FASCISM will continue plotting to put an end to our democracy.

Nomination And Term Of Office

RE: Attorney General; National Security Advisor; FBI Director; Prosecutors ("Appointed Officials"), Federal and Supreme Court Judges

  • Nominating Committee: a bipartisan, four-member (4) group of Senators, ("Nominating-Committee") shall be created for the sole purpose of nominating qualified candidates to fill any vacant, aformentioned position, provided that:
    • All nominations shall require full nominating committee approval.
    • No committee member shall have had any prior business or other relationship with the nominee.
  • Term of Office: 10-years ("Term").
  • Nomination: shall be made by nominating committee no later than one (1) year prior to current incumbent's scheduled last day in office.
  • Confirmation: shall be approved by a 2/3 Senate majority no later than 90 days prior to current incumbent's scheduled last day in office.
  • Dismissal: Only the Senate, by a 2/3 majority, shall retain the right to dismiss and replace any Appointed Official before his or her Term has expired.
  • Premature Vacancy: any vacancy prematurely caused by the death or dismissal of an Appointed Official shall automatically be filled by the next in-line Appointed Official.

Harsher Penalties For Elected Officials

  • In the event that any elected official, appointed official or government employee shall be found guilty of any felony or crime whatsoever, the severity of any applicable penalty for said felony or crime shall be at least 3 times that which would otherwise be imposed on any other American citizen.

    In addition, any and all benefits forthcoming to any such individual as compensation for government service, including pensions, should be deemed forfeited and cancelled.

Commutations and Pardons
  • No sitting president shall have the right to pardon any individual, including family members, staff members, political supporters, campaign members, campaign contributors or Elected Officials who, directly or indirectly, shall have ever been connected to said sitting president.

  • Our judiciary is America's bulwark against Fascism or any kind of despotic movement which might try to undermine our democratic institutions and freedoms!
  • Americans cannot depend on the choices made by a self-serving individual who might be occupying the White House!
  • Nor can the nomination of critically-important department heads be recommended by any partisan, so-called, Think Tank.
  • Nomination and approval of the top official to any of the aforementioned departments must be the sole responsibility of the U.S. Senate