The Power-Hungry Boss
The I’m-The-Boss trait ("The Boss") is perhaps the most egregious and dangerous trait that any politician could be afflicted with.

Some individuals just want to be The Boss.  They lie, cheat and misinform because they can’t help it! It’s an innate trait!
The Boss wannabe is innately self-serving, power-hungry, and will do anything to attain power — TOTAL POWER!

Action ProAmerica

What The Fascist Boss Wants

  1. Absolute Power – Like China or Russia
  2. Judicial Control – Change Laws, Install Own Judges
  3. Control Wealth – Force Wealthy "Donations"
  4. Control All Media – No Free Press
  5. No Opposition – No Political Parties
  6. No Personal Freedoms – Instill Fear
Directly or Indirectly
Because of their party affiliation, ethnicity, a "we are kindred spirits" or "shoot-from-the-hip" attitude, a significant number of Americans develop a natural affinity for The Boss wannabe over time.

They find The Boss charismatic, agreeable and believe any utterance he/she pronounces.  They tend to see The Boss as their "political messiah".

Taking advantage of his followers' weaknesses and prejudices, The Boss tells his/her supporters what they want to hear — regardless of its falsity.

Action ProAmerica
The FASCIST BOSS will cajole “Trusting Supporters” into insulting, intimidating or committing violent acts against those who don’t support him/her.

Cognizant of his/her supporters' trust and "loyalty", The Boss wannabe will not hesitate to lie or gaslight his/her trusting supporters and use them to commit nefarious acts, which would place them in legal jeopardy.