Action Americana
The Founding Fathers could not possibly have foreseen how our electoral system would be threatened by foreign and domestic actors bent on abrogating the will of the American people.  Thus, we hereby propose the following actionable, rational reforms designed to address this dangerous threat:

Uniform Voting And Registration

National Uniform Voting And Registration Act

NUVRA will ensure voter equality and participation during presidential and mid-term elections.  It will end Republican Voter Suppression Efforts Targeting Minorities in Georgia, Texas, North Dakota and elsewhere in the U.S.  The process:
  1. nationally, all campaign-related activities shall be uniformly executed, for example,
    • starting date, time and duration of activity
    • voter registration methods, e.g., automatic at age of 18, online, in person
    • voting methods, e.g., in person, early voting, vote-by-mail, absentee ballot, etc.
  2. Voter registration shall be up to 21st Century standards.  See Brennan Center For Justice Recommendations.
  3. Election Day shall be declared a national holiday and held on Sunday.


Rational Term Limits

Rational Term Limits

Without Rational Term Limits, the fate of our Democratic institutions will remain in the hands of a few, self-serving, power-hungry politicians willing to turn a blind eye to corruption and collusion with foreign and domestic oligarchs intent on undermining our Democracy.

Rational Term Limits would mitigate the effects of the flagrant use of gerrymandering and other voter-suppression methods perpetrated by politicians to keep their own party in power for as long as possible, regardless of the negative impact on voter confidence and participation.


Tax-Return Disclosure


Any future candidate who wishes to run for any federal elective office must be subject to the following:

Mandatory Pre-Registration Tax-Return Disclosure

Immediately upon registration to run for any federal office and before beginning any political campaign activity, including fundraising, candidates shall unconditionally and mandatorily release complete federal tax returns for the previous 5 years, whether or not said tax returns are subject to the IRS audit process.


Fair Taxation

The FAST Tax

Since 1921, during the Warren G. Harding Administration, American corporations and wealthy taxpayers have been avoiding taxes to the extent that tax laws have allowed them.

As a result of their unchecked, rampant, greed, our economic system suffered a Great Depression (1929) and a Great Recession (2006), which imposed great doubt and suffering on the countless unemployed, their families and elderly.

It's about time our current tax code is replaced by an "unriggable" system skewed to serve all taxpayers equitably.  It's about time these "legal tax evaders" start paying their fair share!

The FAST Tax is intended to rectify this "rigged", unfair, and inequitable situation with an automatic, simple, tax plan.


Blind Trust Compliance

Mandatory Pre-Registration Blind Trust Compliance

To protect our democracy and avoid conflicts of interest and corruption at the highest levels of government, the following, strictly-enforced rules must be adopted:
  1. Immediately upon being nominated, candidates shall either:
    1. place all business holdings and interests in a "blind trust"; OR
    2. fully divest from any and all business holdings and interests
  2. Failure by nominee to fully comply with requirements contained in Paragraph a, above, shall automatically forfeit election results and office in question shall be awarded to next "runner-up" candidate provided said "runner-up" is able to fully comply with requirements contained in Paragraph a, above.

Campaign Finance Reform

Corporations Are Not People!

Money Is Not Free Speech!

As things stand today, the corrosive influence of Dark Money in our electoral system further tilts the balance of power toward adherents of Citizens United.

Dark Money is the tool through which wealthy campaign donors and corporations insure that their interests are promoted and protected by armies of lobbyists and self-serving politicians.

How can we permanently get rid of Dark Money?  Through a constitutional amendment!