Action Americana
Existential Crisis
Action Americana is a call to action based on the grim reality that our democracy is in a very real existential crisis!  The Founding Fathers had many barriers to overcome during their times.  Now we have our own!
Protecting the existence of our Constitutional Democratic Republic will require a realistic understanding and respect for the passions, needs and wants of all Americans — no matter how different and unreasonable they may seem to us.

We Don't Have A Choice!
The reality is that we, humans, don't always have the luxury of surrounding ourselves only with those who think, feel and behave the way we do.
To coexist peacefully with the others, we must accept the reality that we are all different and that the following are not identical:
  • our needs, our wants and our prejudices; and
  • our ability to think and solve problems; and
  • our ability to discern truth from falsehoods; and
  • our ability to empathize with others; and
  • the way we behave; and
. . . we can't choose these.
In fact, we only have to look introspectively into ourselves to validate the above-said.  The same would hold true if we were to carefully scrutinize our own family members regarding the above-said!
Our mission, therefore, is to make sure that, in the future, all patriotic candidates, regardless of party affiliation, are cognizant of the foregoing and willing to apply it to an all-inclusive campaign message — instead of untruthful and deceptive, demagogic, self-serving, conspiracy theories.
What America Needs
America needs patriotic, responsible, legislators who are committed to the preservation of our imperiled Democracy and its institutions.
What We Need: Solutions!
For that reason, Action Americana seeks to provide all selfless, patriotic legislators with doable, permanent reforms acceptable to all reasonable, patriotic Americans, regardless of party affiliation.
Our proposed, Action Americana solutions, are especially designed to bring the divisiveness and inequality, which are jeopardizing our freedoms, to a screeching halt.
They are based on historical information from sources readily available online for which direct links are provided for the reader's own verification.

We Can't Do It Alone
Unfortunately, complaining, yelling at our TV, and just posting one's outrage on social media, etc., will not have changed anything at the end of our rage!
We have a much better idea: Help us protect our taken-for-granted freedoms by joining Action Americana and lending a helping hand to our imperiled, beleaguered democracy.
If Americans don't sacrifice now to protect our imperiled freedoms, they will have to sacrifice in the future — the sacrifice will be far greater!